Marina Urquidi (France)
Marina Urquidi

Both Mexican and American by birth, I have lived in Paris, France, since 1969. My university education was in the “philosophy of language.” I have worked as news photographer, journalist and copy editor, but for the past 25 years I have mostly concentrated on translation, and since the advent of the Internet, on Internet communication.

I have been involved in communication projects under the FPH umbrella since 1996. My main activities there have been translating documents, managing multi-lingual Web site content, forum administration and management, and moderating / translating forums (work forums, newsletters, and public-debate forums).

I have been following the Charter of Human Responsibilities network since its inception, and have been involved in it in the capacity of forum translator / moderator, assisting Lydia Nicollet. I am now very much looking forward to working with you as “Communications Officer” for the Ethics & Responsibility project.

Web site : Infocom 21

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