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World Charter of Migrants Adopted

Migrants are the target of unjust policies at the expense of universally recognized human rights. A broad alliance of migrants will make it possible to promote the emergence of rights for everyone, based on the only fact of his or her birth. This World Charter of Migrants was adopted in February on the Isle of Gorée, Senegal.

Since we all belong to the Earth, all people have the full right to freedom of movement and settlement on our planet anywhere on this earth.

All persons must have the right to freedom of movement from the countryside to the city, from the city to the countryside, from one province to another and the freedom to leave for any country abroad.

All laws in regard to visas, laissez-passer and authorizations as well as all those limiting the freedom of movement and settlement must be abolished. Migrants the world over must be entitled to the same rights as the national groups and assume the same responsibilities in all essential domains of the economical, political, cultural and social life. They must have the right to vote and to be eligible in all legislative bodies.

  • Migrants must have the right to speak and to share their mother tongue, to develop and to raise awareness on their cultures and their traditional customs, and to practice their religions.
  • All migrants, women and men, must be entitled to the same right to exercise business where they wish, to engage in industry or to take up a trade. Manual or not, just as in all professions authorized to the national groups. This is essential in order to allow them to assume their part of responsibility in the production of the riches necessary to foster the development and fulfillment of all.
  • The earth must be shared amongst those who work. The restrictions imposed to the property of land imposed for ethnic and/or national reasons must be abolished in favor of a new vision of a responsible relationship between human beings and the earth.

  • Migrants are equal before the law and must have the same rights as the national groups. No one must be imprisoned, deported or see his/her freedom restricted without their cause having been equitably heard and defended.
  • All laws which foresee a distinction based on national origin, marriage situation and/or juridical situation as well as on one’s convictions, must be abolished.
  • Human rights are inalienable, one and indivisible and must be the same for all. The law must guarantee to all migrant persons the right to freedom of opinion and expression, the right to freedom of assembly, the right to freedom of association, the right to publish, to practice one’s religion and also to impart to one’s children the education of one’s choice.
  • Work and safety must be assured to all migrants. Whoever works, must be free to found trade unions together with others. Migrant women and men must receive equal salaries to equal work and must have the possibility to transfer the fruit of their work, without restrictions of any sort, and at the same contribute to the necessary solidarity system of the society of residence.
  • The access to education and training must be guaranteed to all migrants and their children. Education must be free of charge, universal and equal for all children. Higher studies and vocational training must be accessible to all in a new vision of dialogue and sharing of cultures. In cultural life, in sports and in education, all distinctions based on national origin must be abolished.
  • Migrants must have the right to accommodation. Everyone must have the right to live in a place of his/her choice, to be decently lodged and to maintain their family in comfort and security on an equal basis to all national groups. All migrants strive to have opportunities and responsibilities in an equal measure to national groups, in order to face and deal together contemporary challenges (accommodation, nutrition, health, fulfillment, …).
  • The aim of the principles stated in The World Charter of Migrants is to contribute to the disappearance of all segregation systems and to the building of a plural world, responsible and full of solidarity.

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Published on: 9 August 2011
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