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World Assembly of Migrants Ends for a New Beginning

with a Charter proposing more and better humanity
by Ricardo Jiménez, Lucía Mariana Alvites

Last February 4 marked the ending, on the Isle of Gorée (Senegal), of the migrants’ world meeting celebrating the final writing of the World Charter of Migrants. Three days united in shared hope, resistance, and a proposal for a more human future ...

With deep, emotional, and beautiful songs, bordering on both sadness and euphoria, in Soninke and Wolof, two of the several languages officially spoken in Senegal, and with the feverish beat of the drums, the deepest of African languages, mingled with European choirs, Latin American watchwords, and the colorful expression of peoples from different parts of the planet, was how the migrants’ world meeting ended on the Isle of Gorée. United in the same pain caused by a global migratory governance increasingly inadequate for the twenty-first century that leads to needless crimes against humanity; but mainly, united in the same hope, resistance, and proposal, this was how the migrants of the world celebrated the final writing of the World Charter of Migrants, fully endorsed by the Assembly after three days’ work.

It was the culmination of a long road that began in 2006 in Marseilles and brought migrants from the five continents together for these protagonistic debates. It was also the beginning of another road, filled with challenges, to a broad global Alliance of Migrants who through their struggle will make the principles of the Charter become reality: free circulation, residence, and work for all human beings in any place of the planet; full equality in civil, political, economic, social, and cultural rights; recognition of all identities and cultures through cross-cutting dialog and mutual enhancement.

In Gorée, the very place where modern Western capitalist culture dehumanized millions of men, women, and children with the horror of slavery, migrants proclaimed to the world the historical need to abolish current migratory governance, the new crime perpetrated by the same culture today, which though in crisis, is still painfully operational. They expressed their unyielding determination to build a new world—urgently needed, desirable, and perfectly possible—where migration will no longer be a disaster for human joy and dignity, but a free option for growth and joy.

This is how the World Assembly of Migrants ends, but for a new beginning.

Read the Charter here

Published on: 10 August 2011
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