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International E&R Work Seminar

Windows on Our Activities

Four network representatives describe their work on the concept and practice of responsibility
by Pinky Cupino, Nina Gregg, Te Kawehau Hoskins, Betsan Martin

“We were able to introduce the concept of responsibility into the Human Rights discourse . . .”

Betsan Martin and Te Kawehau Hoskins, representatives of the Pacific region and Environmental Governance, respectively, describe their work in New Zealand and in the Pacific Area with other organizations and with the Maori people, whose holistic concept of responsibility they also explain. One of the issues is getting Human Rights promoters to introduce the concept of responsibility alongside the one of rights: easier said than done!

“We’re thinking of the importance of bringing together environment, economy, society in a holistic integration framework.”

14 minutes

“We aimed to strengthen responsible practice in organizing . . .”

Nina Gregg describes the methodology she used with her colleagues as representative of the Responsibility in Community Organizing network. How do we bring issues of ethics and responsibility into the field of community organizing? How does that turn into new, responsible practices? What does “responsible practice” mean? The answer is in the answer to the key question of how we believe change happens, and in how transparent and how inclusive we are in our processes.

“We have some hope that even though we are working on a small project, it could have some larger impact . . .”

9 minutes

“. . . celebrating young people’s responsibilities . . . ”

Pinky Cupino, representative of the Youth and Responsibilities network, describes what the network has done in the Philippines on the subject of responsibility, a project spread out over several years with school children in primary and secondary schools from underprivileged backgrounds. In this initiative, it has been the young themselves who have built programs to manifest their responsibilities inside their schools and in the communities, and have been preparing their participation for Rio+20.

“Rights can only be claimed by exercising responsibility.”

7½ minutes

Published on: 20 January 2012
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