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The Ethics, Responsibilities, and Professional Ethics of “Professional Retirees”

by Pierre Caro

The "professional retirees" group is exploring the professional ethics involved in their commitments. Tell us what you think!

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The "professional retirees" group is exploring the professional ethics involved in their commitments.

The realm of ethics considers purposes, values of existence, what is "good," and questions of morays or morals.

Professional ethics would consider the "professional duties" of retirees in their commitments to transfer their values in living, their know-how, and their personal and professional experiences, as well as those experiences they would still like to have in society (civic, political, cultural, etc.) by exploring ideas and actions in partnership with the previous generation and the next two or three.

This questioning can only take place in the framework of a recognized professional qualification. This is what we have been arguing in favor of for several years, while making it clear that to consider oneself a "professional retiree" does not at all imply an obligation to work to produce something.

This questioning is, for us, part of considerations on a period of training for a retirement project, preferably before leaving the world of work or just when entering retirement.

Training for the duty of professional ethics requires acquiring serious knowledge in the area of general culture as well as in that of professional skills, with the training designed in terms of one’s knowledge, one’s lack of knowledge, and one’s passions, desires, or projects.

Dear friends, dear E&R friends, are professional ethics part of your professional questionings? Can you enhance our thinking with your remarks, proposals, suggestions, and criticism?

Many thanks from the E&R group of professional retirees.

Published on: 13 September 2011
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