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Teaching Guide for Speaking out against Injustice

by Nina Gregg

One of the critical questions connected to responsibility is to know whether to reveal so-called secret information, through which means, and in what conditions... a current question in these Wikileaks times. Nina Gregg has a guide for us...

What is an individual’s responsibility to speak out against injustice? See the 100-pageTeaching Guide (downloadable here) that accompanies the film, The Most Dangerous Man in America, about Daniel Ellsberg, who in 1971 leaked documents that told the truth about the Vietnam War.

The film and the teaching guide are ideal sources for students wishing to understand the news around WikiLeaks today. Through the history of Daniel Ellsberg, you can explore the nature of the information revealed by whistleblowers, the risks that they incur, their motivations, and the tactics used to silence them.

- The Teaching Guide is made available by the Zinn Education Project

Published on: 14 January 2011
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