THE WAY FORWARD after Rio+20

Guidelines and Commitments for Action
by Nadia Gianoli

The Way Forward after Rio+20 is a reference working paper for the International Forum on Ethics & Responsibility as it lays down the strategy and the commitments of each partner to work on ethics and responsibility with the experience gained in the past 10 years. Guidelines are structured along the following 3 themes: Strengthening and expanding the geographic and professional i-FER constituencies; Follow-up of the RIO+20 Conference; Starting a process of reflexion on turning the i-FER into a self-governing body.

By: Edith Sizoo
Endorsed by Participants in the International Forum on Ethics & Responsibility

This document marks an important moment in a process that started in autumn 2001 at the World Assembly of Citizens (Lille) with the proposal for a Charter of Human Responsibilities and culminated in 2011/12 in a campaign to gain acceptance by the UN RIO+20 Conference (June 2012) of the idea to set out a roadmap for a Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities (UDHResp).

Experiences gained over this ten year period give rise to defining a strategy for the years to come, continuing what has proved to be effective and embarking on new ways to reach the overall objective: contributing to putting into practice cultures of responsibility in all spheres of life and claiming the need for an instrument to give effect to Responsibilities to be recognized not only by States but also by major powers of influence at political, economic and social levels, and by citizens.

Such an instrument is to serve as an ethical framework that addresses specific responsibilities -with the allied accountability-, thus providing a basis for future national and international regulation translating principles of responsibility in binding juridical norms.

The “way forward” builds on lessons learnt from the ways traversed. We review the period 2004-2010 in Appendix 3. This review is preceded by an effort to highlight the choice of the concept of “responsibility” as a key-notion for the 21st century, a choice that clarifies the rationale of the ambition for an international declaration of responsibilities.

The period 2010-mid 2012 is shortly recapitulated in the following section. It is a prelude to concrete guidelines for implementing an “After Rio”-strategy, the commitments made by participants in the Ethics & Responsibility Forum and the work to be done otherwise.

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THE WAY FORWARD after Rio+20
Published on: 9 December 2012
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