Strengthening Rights and Responsibilities in Nepal

A Joint Initiative of Rahat, Nepal, Eco Foundation for Sustainable Alternatives (EFSA), India and the Rights & Responsibility Collective-2012
by Madhavi Singh, Nadia Gianoli

Towards Institutionalizing a Culture of Responsibility in Nepal & South Asia

As we all know, equal rights, dignity and respect to the socio-cultural differences are the basic pre-requisites for the peaceful and harmonious society. And, of course it is the foundation for the sustainable development not only for the nation but at global context as well. The basic road map leading towards peace and development lies in transforming the culture of greed and selfishness into ‘Culture of Responsibility’. Towards this end, Rahat (A Research Oriented Social Organization and Focal Point of Rights & Responsibility movement, working in Nepal) is putting its all efforts to promote the culture of responsibility in all sectors, segments and professions in the country. It believes that the notion of ‘Responsibility’ does not ease immediately the situation but it may come up as a best alternative solution to make the world a better place to live in, if we all respond positively towards our set roles and everyone will be settled with rights as well, since rights and responsibilities complement each other.

Socio Political Context of Nepal

Nepal as a nation is undergoing political instability and unrest and it is a challenge and very difficult task to develop and execute the mechanism of law and order to promote the human rights with focus on peace and development. But it has to be achieved if the civilization and humankind has to survive and continue.

Definitely this type of Forum for Ethics and Responsibility or voice or networking of Human Right defenders for institutionalizing Responsibility in all segments of society can bring the difference.

Working through workshops, seminars and networking, the Rights and Responsibilities Collective in Nepal carried out numerous activities in 2012 inclduing:

• a questionnaire survey to understand the popular perception and practices on human responsibility in Nepal;
• Dialogues with eminent people and formation of R&R Collective;
• Dialogues with the members of the University Grant Commission (UGC);
• A round table conference on "Responsibility Based Development Approach" in National Women Commission / NWC, Bhadrakali Plaza, Kathmandu;
• Dialogues with Government Representatives and Bureaucrats in the Government:

All this was covered by the Himalayan Times, the national daily newspaper: "With rights come responsibilities".

Finally, one immediate outcome of the Rights and Responsibilities Collective is the framing of guidelines for Responsible Tourism by the Nepal Tourism Board.

Read the full report here:

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Dialogue with eminent people and formation of R&R Collective

Round Table Discussion on Responsibility based Development Approach Round Table Discussion on Responsibility based Development Approach

Round Table Discussion on Responsibility based Development Approach

Published on: 21 November 2013
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