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by Ricardo Jiménez

You can read the full report with photos at the bottom of this page.

The impacts of the activity of our network in the year 2012 may be grouped in two large fields. A field is public laws and practices. Basically, a change attitude and speech by sectors of public officials towards migration and regional integration, now from the focus of responsibility as element that it is desirable and feasible, sustainable, for public policy in these two areas.

A result is the elaboration of draft laws that make interact the migration with the regional integration of the Southern Cone, from responsibility, proposing a migratory treatment most appropriate and ethical at the time that regional integration is strengthened.We have worked directly in the elaboration of these legal projects that are now discussed in the Peruvian Congress. A new law of return of Peruvian emigrants, and a law so that Peruvian emigrants have their own representatives in the Congress of the country.

The broadest in this field has been the proposal for a Decision of the Andean Parliament for extend a new treatment of migration as part of regional integration with rights and responsibilities citizens common to Andean scale, adopted by the Andean Parliament in plenary for Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia, and which unifies it with Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile.

We, as a network of ethics and responsibility, collaborate directly in the elaboration of this Andean regional legislation (See internet link:

The second field of impact is the shared agendas of public authorities and civil society.

The main and most ambitious achievement in this field is the enthusiasm and commitment of authorities in several countries to continue the reflection on the responsibilities as the new solution to the current crises in the processes of regional integration and treatment of migrations.

To move forward on this, we are organizing a grand international meeting of discussion between public authorities and civil society on the responsibilities, the integration of the Southern Cone and migrations. It would be held in the facilities of the Andean Community in Peru and the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the participation of public authorities and civil society of Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil. And it is essential join our network members as Edith Sizoo, Pierre Calame, Nicolás Krausz, Isis De Palma, Cristina Reynals, and others possible.

This will take the form of closed discussion workshop for the participants. And it ends with a table of panelists and open to the public in general.

With this we hope to make more dense exchanges, reflections and actions shared from the responsibility as an input for finding new and appropriate responses to the challenges of integration and immigration treatment in the Southern Cone.

Read the full report with photos here:

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2012 Ethics & Responsibility Migration Activities - 2012 Actividades Red Etica y Responsabilidad Migraciones (EN-ES)
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Published on: 23 March 2013
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