Rights and Responsibilities at the Global Ethics Forum 2014

by Ajit Muricken, Nadia Gianoli, Sudha Reddy

“Responsible engagement for sustainable alternative economies will allow future generations to co-exist”

The Forum of Ethics and Responsibilities was present at the Global Ethics Forum 2014. Its representants where Sudha Reddy and Ajit Muricken, from the Rights and Responsibilities Collective (India). They were part of an expert panel on “Sharing Economy: Cooperatives, Social Enterprises, Anarchic Enterprises, Microfinance” moderated by Prof. Sourav Muckherji, Indian Institute of Management (IIMB), with Zheng Zihai professor at the University of International Trade and Economics (China), Patrick Nickisch, Jain Institute for Relative Economics, Ladnun, and Arnold Smit, President of the Business Ethics Network Africa (BEN-Africa) (South Africa).

Sudha Reddy, Ajit Muricken, Global Ethics Forum 2014

Their presentation first talked about the nature of inequality bringing to poverty. A structural origin leading to the deterioration of basic-life support, namely environmental destruction. This is the neo-liberal growth model that has no regard for the rational use and the conservation or regeneration of natural resources, leading the human exclusion.

In order to conceptualize alternatives, there is a need of a paradigm shift from “market” and commodities to people-life centric approach. Responsible engagement is needed for an alternative economy, one that stands for social justice, well being and dignity of all equally including the weakest and the last person (Responsible Economics according to Gandhi). The economy should be conceived as an ethical rather than a materialistic enterprise.

Best practices examples were given based on sustainable production and marketing cooperatives. Finally, the need to redefine Corporate Social Responsibility was also discussed. In conclusion, process of creating sustainable alternatives is a long-term endeavor and not a magic formula or a set of ready-made recipe for the future. It demands conceptual clarity, new social and economic ideas, theories and value systems that stand as vision for the future, along with community engagement, patience, sustained perseverance and hard work.

Read the full paper and have a look at the presentation.

Other documentation from the other panelists is available here.

Article from IIMB on the expert panel:
➤ “SMEs are harbingers of tech change

Final press releases of the event from the two organizers, Globethics.net and IIMB:

Global Ethics Forum 2014 calls for more equality for sustainable economic development (Globethics.net)

Coming up Next: Business Ethics Audit (IIMB)

Published on: 15 June 2014
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