Rights And Responsibility For the Progress of Humanity

Interaction designed and organized by Rahat / Nepal, for Members of Parliament.
by Madhavi Singh

An in-depth Interaction on “ Rights And Responsibility For the Progress of Humanity ” was organized by Rahat and R & R Collective, Nepal, for the newly elected Members of Parliament at Health Ministry, Ram Shah Path, Kathmandu on 8 th February, 2014. Twenty MPs representing from major and minor political parties actively participated in the program.

Kathmandu, 8th February, 2014 ( 25 Magh, 2070)

An in-depth Interaction was organized by Rahat and R & R Collective, Nepal, for the newly elected Members of Parliament at Health Ministry, Ram Shah Path, Kathmandu on 8 th February, 2014. Twenty MPs representing from major and minor political parties actively participated in the program.

After a short review on “ Human Responsibilities – Responsible , Plural and United World : Nepal Charter” prepared by Rahat ( social organization, focal point of Charter of human responsibilities, (CHR) South Asia Alliance , the objectives of the program with its prime quest, were highlighted by the chairperson of Rahat .

Few glimpses that were expressed by prominent members of parliament were as follows.

• Nepali Congress /NC (Largest and Ruling Political Party): It’s a high time in Nepal and Globule perspective as well, to investigate the reasons behind the series of threats, the world is now facing. In the face of these unprecedented challenges, it is evident that for all the good, intentions embodied in the charter of the UN and the Universal Declaration of Rights, something is still missing. It must also be acknowledged that their responsibilities are proportionate to their rights to life, liberty, security, freedom, work, education, dignity and fair share of earth’s resources, and require absolute respect for the rights of others. Personally and on behalf of Nepali Congress Party an appreciation and acknowledgement goes to Rahat, its leadership and R&R Collective for raising such a vital concern….today that we all are ignoring or not very much attentive. So, current event is very opportune, since the constitution assembly is about initiate its task. We congrats, Rahat and its leadership to cater such a brain storming session that may bring a sustainable impact in nation and its key actors.

• United Marxist and Leninist / UML( Second Largest Political Party) : Nepal is facing series of threats and challenges at present context. At this juncture, Rahat and its members rightly demands “adoption of Responsibility in formal feature” both in national / international heights and institutionalization of culture of responsibilities. It is the only access, which can initiate the peace and development again.

• United Maoist Communist Party /UMCP (Third largest Political Party): It is very difficult for developing countries to set and correlate the Rights and Responsibility in equal footing. Due to lack of awareness and education, people want stakes in all sectors claiming their rights and ignoring Responsibility. However, Rahat has raised the concern of Responsibility, which is very admirable and deserve best wishes for future.

• Madheshi Jana Adhikar Forum (Loktantrik): Although, it is the fact, that Rights and responsibility are complimentary to each other, but responsibility has been a forgotten memory where as Right has got its strong say in every sector in this phase of time. So Rahat has very rightly raised the concern of Responsibility. We look forward and wish success to Rahat and its leadership.

• Madheshi Jan Adhikar Forum: It is a great achievement that Rahat has not only shown its commitment and concern on Ethics and Responsibility, but it has developed a Charter on Responsibility, which can be catered in every forum and sectors. It can be facilitated in the process of constitution writing.

• Rastriya Prajatantra Party: It is a high time for all citizens especially for power holders to realize Responsibility. Big power or rights consist proportionate responsibility with it. So, all key actors including the politicians need to express their commitment.

• Representatives of other political parties also expressed their views and concerns on Ethics and Responsibility.

Two resolution of the Interaction Program

Finally on behalf of the organizer (Rahat) and R & R Collective, Nepal, two statements were proposed, which were agreed and declared by august members.

• Accountability and Responsibility towards the people will be strictly adopted. • Formation of National Policy and Planning or any formal manuscript including constitution will not ignore the norms of Ethics and Responsibility.

Media Coverage and Press Release:

• On 6th February , morning program , ( Image F. M. / Local Radio ) broadcasted the objectives of the Event/ Interaction “ Human Rights and Responsibility for the Progress of Humanity “ designed and organized for Members of Parliament ( Constitution Assembly) by Rahat going to be held on 8th February at Kathmandu.
• Press Release was organized in the pre and post phases of the event.
• National dailies and weekly papers ( Kantipur/ Nagrik/ Gorkhapatra/ Himalayan times/ Annapurna post etc , made the coverage on the news of the events, with importance, on the linkages of Parliament / upcoming constitution writing process and the norms of Ethics and Responsibility highlighted by a social organization Rahat.

[09.02.2014] MPs urged to focus on human responsibilities, E-Kantipur (Nepal)

[08.02.2014 ( 25 Magh, 2070)] मानव अधिकार र उत्तरदायित्व एकैसाथ अवलम्बनमा जोड, Gorkhapatra Online

[08.02.2014 ( 25 Magh, 2070)] अधिकार र कर्तब्यबारे छलफलमा जुटे सभासद, Sansar News

[08.02.2014] Press release of the Rights and Responsibilities Collective/RAHAT (In Nepalese)

PDF - 127.3 kb
Rights And Responsibility For the Progress of Humanity Press Release (In Nepalese)
Published on: 2 March 2014
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