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Responsibility of Researchers in Africa

In preparation for the second World Science and Democracy Forum, a number of African researchers, in particular Enda-Diapol and IPRA, in partnership with CODESRIA and CRDI began discussions on the political and social responsibility of African researchers ...

Report broadcast on the Senegalese station RDV Télé on January 21, 2011.

Summary of the content of the report:

Hoping to do away with “science without conscience,” civil society in Africa wishes to orient research so that it serves development. This requires setting research priorities and it is up to ordinary citizens to do so. The issues should not be considered as “too technical” for the non-scientific population. This “Coffee talk on social and political responsibility” initiative was intended to see how these people could converse with donors, multinational corporations, and states, all of which are the current decision makers in research directions. The African continent has very high-level researchers who have demonstrated their capacities despite the very scant means they have at their disposal. There will be discussions on the political and social responsibilities of African researchers at the Dakar World Sciences and Democracy Forum (WSDF) of February 4 and 5, 2011: What uses of science and technology would allow Africa to pull out of its predicament? One of the key themes will be the relationship between researchers and social movements. This talk sets up a discussion framework, which will cover agricultural policies, intellectual property, scientific knowledge, education, and democracy.

See, too, the World Sciences and Democracy Forum and the Facebook page.

Find out how the theme of responsibility will be present at the WSDF in the story Responsibility and the Second World Sciences and Democracy Forum.

Published on: 3 February 2011
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  • Responsibility of Researchers in Africa
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