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Isis de Palma informed preparatory meeting in Rio

Responsibilities on the Way to Rio+20

by Ricardo Jiménez

At a preparatory meeting held in Rio de Janeiro, Isis de Palma informed of negotiations between the E&R Program and sectors of the government of Brazil for a strong integration of the concept of Responsibility in the discussions and proposals of the Rio+20 summits …

On August 11, 2011, in Rio of Janeiro, participants from organizations, movements, and networks from Latin America, including Brazil, host country of the State and Peoples’ Summits in May 2012, China, which the United Nations put in charge of organizing the event, Africa, India, Europe, and the United States, gathered at a preparatory meeting to inform on how movements, organizations, networks, and peoples have been getting ready to weigh on the event in the context of the serious financial, socio-environmental, multiple, civilization crisis that is increasingly evident.

Various colleagues presented the many different initiatives that have been developing at the local, national, regional, and global scales, based on multi-faceted and cross-cutting dialog intended to find articulations that both recognize diversity and will allow an overall mobilization that will weigh on, impact, and hopefully impose on the states solutions to the crises that will make it possible to overcome them in the direction of a new economic, political, and cultural order that will replace the current order of accumulation, greed, competition, and environmental pillaging with one that will serve human and environmental life, cooperation, solidarity, justice, and responsibility.

In this framework, Isis de Palma, Brazilian Coordinator for Latin America of the Ethics and Responsibilities program (Network of Human Responsibilities), informed on the Ethics and Responsibilities program’s negotiations with different sectors of the government of Brazil, host country of the event, to incorporate into the discussions and proposals of the Rio+20 summits, clearly and compellingly, the concept of Responsibility as a pillar of the new world governance that is being sought.

The concept, which has been under consideration for decades, will have new developments by then, resulting from a process of systematic reflections that the socioprofessional networks partnered with the Program have been undertaking based on their concrete experience of action focused on Responsibility, on their difficulties and contributions, etc. These will all be collectively discussed as a whole with participants from all over the world in November of this year in Paris.

Published on: 14 November 2011
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