Relevance of Responsibility on Social Charter of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation

People’s SAARC Meeting 2014
by Nadia Gianoli

The Rights and Responsibilities Collective, Nepal will held special event during the People’s SAARC meeting.

Dates: 22 to 24 November 2014
Venue: Nepal Administrative Staff College (NASC) Jawalakhel, Lalitpur, Nepal.

Participants details and documents will be finalized up to mid of the October, upon approval.

Background and description:

Enhancement of the welfare of the peoples of South Asia, with the improvement of their quality of life, accelerating, all aspects of social progress and cultural development along with economic growth, is the prime objective of SAARC. Moreover, it intends to provide all individuals the opportunity to live in dignity and to realize their full potential.

Regional cooperation in the social sector has specific areas, Health, nutrition, food security, safe drinking water, sanitation, population, child development, gender equity, welfare of the elderly people, and human resources development are the basic concerns of regional cooperation.

Here by, even though the SAARC Member States have agreed to adopt the various provisions in different social segments, spelled out in “Social Charter” the mission can be fulfilled and nourished, only through the commitments and responsibilities of its associates.

SAARC social charter is the key text for its member states to address the difficulties of South Asia, regarding the employment or people’s participation in social political and economic affairs.

In general provisions “Responsibility and Accountability” are the core scheme, to guide and to achieve the necessities.

Although for the adoption of Social Charter, some specific channel have been pointed out but it is not sufficient, since implementation mechanism is based on concerned country’s policy and governance, depending on its capability. Therefore, other concerned stakes such as civil society and their organization, who have already set up the direct links with the grass roots, community and state mechanisms as well , may work and deliver in the line of requirement bridging up the gaps. It is quite appropriate to assess the possible impacts on justification of the Responsibility principle in SAARC reference and actions at this juncture of time. Basically, a road map needs to be sketched out to transform the prescribed values of responsibility into institutional activities. Some needful and specific criterion, to bridge up the gaps hurdling the social realization and attainment of objectives, spelled out in the charter, in the region, can be highlighted in the light of required accountability and responsibility norms as follows:

· The Responsibilities should be exercised in the form of expression to freedom and dignity as the citizen of the region or world community.

· Individual human beings and everyone together have a shared responsibility to others, to close and distant communities, and to the region, proportionately to their asset, power and knowledge.

· Such responsibility involves taking into account the immediate or differed effects of all acts, preventing their damages, whether or not they were perpetrated voluntarily and whether or not they affect subject of law. It applies to all fields of human activity and to all scales of time and space.

· The responsibility of institutions, public and private ones alike, whatever, their governing rules, does not exonerate the responsibility of their leaders and vice versa.

· The possession or enjoyment of natural resource induces responsibility to manage it to the best of the common good.

· The exercise of power, whatever the rules through which it is acquired, is legitimate only if it accounts for its acts to those over whom it is exercised and if it comes with rules of responsibility that measure up to the power of influence being exercised.

· Politics, Power and authority need to be loaded with two values Rights and Responsibility to scale up the peace, development and achievements.

Published on: 7 October 2014
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