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Progress in the Military Peace Artisans Network

by Manfred Rosenberger

The network, born in 2005, has since laid a number of important foundations to build its objectives. Take a look …

The most significant events that took place through to the end of 2010 in the Military Peace Artisans network are:

- the 2005 meeting in Santiago de Chile in 2005 that instituted the international military alliance project;
- two international symposia in the framework of the Europe-Central Asia Forum, one in Alsace (France) in 2007 and on in 2008 in Kyrgyzstan comprising the five countries of Central Asia and Afghanistan;
- the international congress “International Risks, Security, and Defense in the Twenty-first Century: Legitimacy Factors” in Bogotá, April 2009, with 600 participants from all of Latin America;
- the international symposium in the framework of the Europe-West Africa Forum on "Strengths of Defense and Security at the Core of Human Security, November 2010 in Dakar (Senegal) (article in Spanish);

Next planned stages:

- enlargement of the network to Central Africa and organization of a symposium similar to the one in Dakar;
- a first meeting to open dialog and enlarge the network to North America.

Published on: 3 May 2011
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