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Pierre Calame to COP20: “If you are not ready to give answers,  citizens yes we are”

by Ricardo Jiménez

In La Bergerie, the organic farm outside Paris, and during the meeting of the Forum of Ethics and Responsibility - FER, the French engineer and social scientist, Pierre Calame, referred to the new challenges for states and peoples of world that represents the presidential COP 20 Summit to address climate change to be held in Lima, Peru, in December.

Speaking to more than twenty representatives from five continents FER members, Calame described the atmosphere of weariness of citizens, movements and peoples, on the inability to respond to ecological and climate crisis for most states of these summits.

"For decades, we came making the proposals and seeking the incidence, we are tired. It’s time to tell these governments: do not give us more diplomatic statements, we want no more inability to make changes. If you are not ready to give answers, we, the citizens, we are. If you do not know what to do and how, we, the citizens, we know", Calame said.

To back up its words with action, the French thinker reported that the FER is part of international networks link the Peoples Summit movements and civil society organized in Lima in the framework of the COP 20.

"Beside the citizens and movements around the world, we will promote our activities and our proposal for a Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities as a base, a step, in the advance to make real the responsibility and punish those responsible for the ecological degradation and climate change. Only then can end the hypocrisy, impunity and subordination that now reigns in climate summits".

FER Towards COP 20

Published on: 25 October 2014
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