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Our Country Should Be the Universe - Video

by Traversées

Video interview of Ricardo Jiménez by Traversées taped during the World Assembly of Migrants, celebrated on the island of Gorée, Senegal, on January 3 and 4, 2011 ...

Contemporary human society feels increasingly dragged, often with no time to think and with no clear sense of where they’re going, along with the strong currents of global interconnections and unprecedented migratory phenomena, vaguely perceived either as promises or else as uncomfortable interferences. At the same time, the persistent and complex democratization task inherent to the many current crises, brings back as relevant the question of a global governance that will not only sort out the crisis but will also be sustainable, that is to say, legitimate and viable. These efforts coincide with the current global migratory transformations and will be put to test by them.

Interview of Ricardo Jiménez (in Spanish only), by Traversées. Also thanking the Forum for a new World Governance.

Understanding migration as part of our humankind

Nuestra Patria debe ser el Universo by Traversees

Institutionalizing universal citizenship

Nuestra Patria debe ser el Universo by Traversees

Considering migrants as a development factor

Nuestra Patria debe ser el Universo by Traversees

Building plural and multicultural capacities

Nuestra Patria debe ser le Universo by Traversees

Published on: 8 June 2011
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