Inter Faith Dialogue on Human Rights and Human Responsibilities with focus on Justice and Peace

by Sudha Reddy

We are glad to share with you a report of the just concluded two day Dialogue Meet on ’Inter Faith Dialogue on Human Rights and Human Responsibilities with focus on Justice and Peace’ held between 24th & 25th February 2014 in Mangalore, India.

About 70 delegates consist of eminent scholars from various academic institutions, teachers, University students, representatives from civil society groups, religious leaders from different faith traditions and concerned individuals recognized importance and relevance of inter faith approach to grapple issues of Human Rights and the importance of assuming Responsibilities at the individual and collective levels for creating alternative social order based on justice and peace as the future of human kind.

The Dialogue meet focused on understanding the various forms of conflicts, violence and the manifold threats that humanity faces today and to develop perspectives to understand the root cause of violence in the region. As well as to explore the wisdom and insights from various traditions, religions, cultural resources, philosophies and ideologies and translating this in a language that will speak to and motivate the larger public toward peace initiatives. The deliberations were around providing space for citizen’s groups especially among youth to relook into their aspirations from faith perspectives to rediscover common connecting bonds and solidarity among various groups involved in peace education, campaign and advocacy against violence perpetuated either in the name of religion, market, ideologies or between States. They also emphasized on the need for initiating dialogue among communities of diverse religious, cultural and ideological traditions on the importance of co responsibility for justice, peace and ecological consciousness.

The outcome of the two day meet was build a common platform for justice and peace based on the principle of co responsibility, and promoting activities and actions of social movements to facilitate convergence of peace activism based on justice and equality. To mobilize public opinion, and rallying support for peace agenda through organized campaigns focusing on peoples, struggle for freedom and democracy by social movements, civil society and faith based organizations.

The participants stressed the need for revisiting the core message of major religions and faith traditions, which are one of integral liberation of persons, of society and of world in truth, authenticity, social justice and protection of rights can be the basis for secular spirituality.

This was organized in collaboration with Rights & Responsibility Collective -India, Eco Foundation For Sustainable Alternatives (EFSA), Bangalore, Karnataka Christian Education Society (KACES), Mangalore Diocesan Ecumenical Commission (MDEC), Chair in Christianity, Mangalore University, Mangalore, and Mangalore Peace Education Forum (MPEF), Mangalore.

For more information read the background paper here [PDF 73KB]:

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Concept Note Interfaith Dialogue on Human Rights and Human Responsibilities
Published on: 11 March 2014
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