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Independent Expert on the rights of older persons

by Pierre Caro, Nadia Gianoli

UN Human Rights Council appointed the new Independent Expert on the rights of older persons.

On May 8th Ms.Rosa Kornfeld-Matte (Chile) was appointed by the UN Human Rights Council, Independent Expert on the enjoyment of all human rights by older persons. This new position in the UN human rights system was established by the UN Human Rights Council in 2013. The expert is appointed with a 3-year mandate to examine, monitor, advise and publicly report on the human rights of older persons worldwide. Ms. Kornfeld-Matte will work to consolidate an understanding around older persons’ rights and foster the implementation of measures that contribute to the promotion and protection of their rights.

This is the first international human rights mechanism which specifically focuses on the rights of older people and it constitutes an important development towards a strengthened protection of their rights. The Independent Expert can undertake fact-finding missions in countries and issue reports and recommendations; prepare thematic studies that serve as a guide on norms and standards; and raise public awareness through the media. She will work in close coordination with the UN Open-Ended Working Group on Ageing (OEWG) and will consult with civil society.

Ms Kornfeld-Matte has served as the National Director of the Chilean National Service of Ageing and has a long career as an academic, working for 22 years at the Pontificia Unversidad Catolica de Chile where she founded the programme on older people.

For more information read the article by Helpage International and consult the thematic page of the High Commissioner for Human Rights on older persons and the role of the independent expert.

Also, read, share and translate the document “Strengthening Older People’s Rights: Towards a UN Convention

PDF - 515.1 kb
Strengthening the Rights of Older People
Published on: 5 June 2014
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