Formalizing and Strengthening the Notion of Human Responsibility in South Asia

by Nadia Gianoli

Progress for the Rights and Responsibilities Collective, South Asia. Participation in the People’s SAARC meeting: the Relevance of Responsibility on Social Charter of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation.

Last months have been of great work and progress for the Rights and Responsibilities Collective, South Asia.

Rahat, the representative in Nepal has been involved in a process standing for Human Responsibility approaching various governmental and civil societies entities. Great progress was achieved in the discussions with the People’s SAARC.

They brought and expressed their concern, that is the “Human –Rights & Responsibilities” component of society, which is wide-ranging to people’s thinking, verdicts and action. But as a matter of fact, as explained by Prof. Dr. Madhavi Singh during the consultation meeting this summer, Rights are very much striking object to both minds and hearts of the people, stimulating, them to exercise it, whereas, Responsibilities have been, set back, ignored and avoided. Moreover, sometimes, it is misunderstood that Rights and Responsibilities contradicts to each other, is completely wrong perception; actually, these forces are complimentary to each other. Responsibility, does not stand, to lessen or dilute Rights but it, strengthens and deepen the realization of it.

Rahat and Rights & Responsibilities collective, Nepal, requested to put “Rights & Responsibility as complimentary forces and, coinciding to each other “ in the agenda of upcoming People’s SAARC meeting.

Nepal will be hosting the 18th SAARC Summit (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) from 22 to 27 November 2014. A convergence is organized by the People’s SAARC on 22 to 24 November 2014.

Dr. Singh stressed that the “implementation of the culture of responsibility is the only channel to pave the path to ascertain the exercise of rights and opportunities to all. It is realized, that, the discharge of responsibilities pay back the rights. We are all responsible for making sure, that human rights are affirmed in our ways of thinking and actions.”

In this context, Rahat, research oriented, social organization strongly advocates the need of Responsible human behavior not only towards our fellow being but inclusive to nature and planet itself. It is needless to reiterate that world is facing unusual and complex crises and challenges, at present which was never before, such as terrorism, environmental degradation or climate change, widening economic gaps within and between nations, the focus of economic and political power in few hands, increasing trend of violence, and the excess exhaust of natural resources are causing turbulence and clash globally. Despite of material advancement the planet is suffering and giving rise to deep concerns about the future of human kind.

During her presentation, Dr. Singh said that we have failed to balance the two very crucial and important gears of our lives "Rights & Responsibilities" appropriately: “Rights are highly concerned and the Responsibilities have been least bothered. The fact that “Big powers or rights are escorted with enormous Responsibilities” have been forgotten or set aside. We believe this is the crux of all anxieties and problems; the humanity is bound to face today. And also we stress and urge “Human Responsibility “ needs to be affirmed in national, regional and global standpoint s, appealing for its UN announcement, just to strengthen and effective or result oriented implementation of UN declaration “Human Rights” as well".

After going through different steps, the Rights and Responsibilities concern was heard and a special event will be taking place during the People’s SAARC this November in Kathmandu, Nepal on the “Relevance of Responsibility on Social Charter of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation”. The session will be focusing on formalizing and strengthening the notion of human responsibility in South Asia.

Published on: 4 October 2014
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