Charter of Administrative Ethics and Responsibilities

by Nadia Gianoli

This Draft: proposed for dialogue among civil servants on Professional Ethics & Responsibilities of Civil Servants’ on 1st January 2011 in Goa, India:

Charter of Administrative Ethics and Responsibilities


Since the exercise of administrative ethics and responsibilities by civil servants is critical to the stability of the democratic structure, harmony, peace, welfare and prosperity of citizens, it is exigent to have a defined Code of Administrative Ethics and Responsibilities. Such a code would be elucidated for the knowledge of citizens, the values that underlie their functioning and decision making, the standards of service expected and general norms of behaviour.

Basis for Administrative Ethics and Responsibilities

The Principles of the Charter of Human Responsibilities and York Willbern’s six fold classification of Public Morality , could form the foundation for drafting a Charter of Administrative Ethics and Responsibilities. He prescribes

1. Basic honesty and Rule of law to inculcate public faith in civil servants.

2. Avoiding the use of one’s office for private benefit or gain.

3. Commitment to service dimension and procedural fairness while dealing with citizens.

4. Ethic of democratic responsibility, where all decision as far as feasible could be made with the consent of the people.

5. Ethic of public policy determination ie. the use of ethical values for making of public policies rather than using economic determinism or utilitarianism alone.

6. Ethic of compromise and social integration in multi religious pluralistic societies, where quintessential constitutional values of equality of race, gender, freedom of religion, press & speech will trump other values.

From this foundation one can proceed to draft a Charter of Administrative Ethics and Responsibilities, which is subject to debate, discussion and amendment.

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Charter of Administrative Ethics and Responsibilities
Published on: 29 October 2013
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