10-12 april 2014

Business for peace. Strategies for hope.

International SPES conference | 10-12 april 2014 | In flanders fields, Ypres
by Nadia Gianoli

The International SPES conference "Business for peace. Strategies for hope." will take place in Belgium on 10-12 april 2014 with the aim of Discussing the role of business for peace-building and exploring strategies for hope. Discover the great speakers on great topics and get inspired!

Aim of the conference

Discussing the role of business for peace-building and exploring strategies for hope
Strengthening the practice of peace-building in local and global business
Visit to the battle fields of the Great War and attendance of the Last Post Ceremony at the Menin Gate in Ieper (Ypres)
Launch of a ’charter of hope’ at the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the European SPES Forum

Business for peace

Business and human rights
Leadership and peace. The role of spiritual-driven leaders.
Is competition a war-game? The meaning of competition
Competitive and non- competitive values in business
Non violence as a business strategy
The entwining of markets and politics in times of war and peace
Peace as a condition for flourishing markets (and vice versa)
European and global strategies for peace

Social entrepreneurship for peace

Social actions of non violence
Art as a protest against war
Religion as cause and remedy for violence
Education for peace

Ecology for peace

Scarcity and war. The case of water and energy
The ongoing war against nature
Food and non-violence
Managing the commons
Eco-wisdom in management

Great speakers, great topics

A highly diverse program: lectures, interaction, visits.

Herman Van Rompuy
President of the European Council
Opening session: Europe as a peace project.

Peter Bouckaert
Geneva, Human Rights Watch’s emergencies director
Plenary session: Fighting for human rights

Edith Sizoo
France, General Coordinator of the Ethics & Responsibilities Forum
Human responsibilities and business leadership

Maria Prandi
Barcelona, Business and Human Rights expert
The human rights agenda

Thomas Dienberg
Franciscan priest, Münster, Germany
Spirituality, Ecology and Peace

Zoltan Valcsicsak
Buddhist , Hungarian Bhutan Friendship Society
Spirituality, Ecology and Peace

For more information and to register please visit the website: http://www.businessforpeace.be/

Published on: 15 February 2014
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