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Preceding Stages
Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World (since 1995)

Approval of a common platform and worldwide development of cross-cultural workshops—theme-based, regional, and socioprofessional—which would produce 61 Proposal Papers for the implementation of the breakthroughs and evolutions needed in our societies that will build a fairer and more sustainable 21st century.

World Citizens Assembly (December 2001)

Gathering 400 participants, this was the finishing point of the workshops organized in the framework of the Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World.

Charter of Human Responsibilities (2002-2010)

An outcome of the World Citizens Assembly, this was an international cross-cultural project around the concept of responsibility, with a charter as a reference point from which to move forward on thinking and action, and men and women to set these in motion.

About Us

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Description and objectives

The Forum of Ethics & Responsibilities (FER) is made up of professional and thematic networks, and organizations The FER aims at stimulating discussion on the societal responsibility of actors in their professional and social fields of activity. It also promotes the concept of responsibility as a key-notion for the XXIst century in international political debate. [1]

The present worldwide crises (environmental, economic and financial) call for an international effort of renewed reflection in communities, civil society, different sectors of the economy and the intellectual world as well as at political levels, on the relevance of individual and collective responsibility for the future of humankind and the planet.

Such a process will contribute to realizing two objectives: 1. the emergence of cultures of responsibility and 2. creating awareness of the need for an internationally recognized reference text, a Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities, that will serve as a basis for future national and international jurisprudence. Such a Declaration would go beyond one-issue declarations (rights, peace, environment, commerce, etc.) to an overarching concept that is key to the application of moral values in all fields of human activity.

The Forum offers a unique international space for reflection as well as action on these two objectives. By facilitating connections between already active but also new partners and through exchange of experiences with bringing about cultures of responsibility in a variety of socio-professional and geo-cultural contexts, the Forum serves as a laboratory for concrete changes in professional and political ethics.

How it started

In 2001 at the World Citizens Assembly organized by the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation for the Progress of Humankind (FPH), where a Charter of Human Responsibilities was launched. This Charter was designed as a “pre”-text—an instrument for dialog and a text in evolution—Since then, through their own professional and social activities, each in his or her region of the world, partners of the Ethics & Responsibility network have defined their own societal responsibility as actors in civil society, thus promoting cultures of responsibility.

Activities’ Program of the Forum on Ethics & Responsibility (FE&R)

The FER realizes its objectives at three different but mutually strengthening levels:

1. Socio-professional levels

Objective: Promoting cultures of responsibility

• Stimulating discussion within Socio-Professional Networks on the Societal Responsibility of various professional groups such as journalists, the military, business leaders, managers, educators, rights & responsibilities activists, solidarity economy actors, scientists, youth, community organisers, jurists, inhabitants, migrants, retired persons, etc. . (See under section Documents: “Reflection on Action” documents)
• Creating professional Charters of Responsibility
• Publishing articles and books on Responsibility as a Key-Challenge for the XXIst century
• Creating a common set of case-studies
• Documenting ‘responsibility’ concerns in existing declarations / manifestos / charters with a view to detect and seek synergies with like-minded organisations and initiatives.
• Giving visibility to the process and its achievements on professional web-sites, the www.ethica-respons.net and www.globethics.net

2. Cultural-geographic levels

Objective: Strengthening and expanding the process in the various continents

Representatives of the FE&R at regional levels in South-Asia, the Pacific, Latin America, North America, Europe and Africa are in charge of contacting professional networks with a view to involve them in the process, and propose to influential organizations and personalities to work together towards a Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities.

3. International Political level

Objective: Preparing a draft text for a Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities

• Consultations with experts in international law;
• Implementation of a strategy for reaching high political levels.


This project was initiated and is financed for the most part by the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation.

Learn more!

To learn more about this project, you can read the document presenting the Ethics & Responsibilities program and browse through the different sections of this Web site.

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[1] An in-depth analysis of the concept of responsibility is provided in the document “Why an International Charter on Human Responsibilities?”.

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