2012 Activities of the Rights and Responsibility Collective

by Sudha Reddy

Some of the main activities of the R&R Collective formed in 2012 in India.

The R&R Collective formed in 2012 in India, affirms that principle of Right needs to be balanced by an equal emphasis on Responsibility in strengthening ‘Human Responsibility’ as a ‘third pillar’ to supplement United Nations Charter for Peace & Development and Universal Declaration of Human Rights in the United Nations. Based on this commitment the R & R Collective has been continuously engaged in focusing on a healthy dialogue and creative interaction with human right defenders to inculcate the principles of Responsibility and Co-Responsibility. It also realized the importance of preparing a ‘Charter of Human Responsibilities’ contributing to the process of popularizing cultures of responsibility in all spheres of life. Such a process will contribute to the emergence of a road map for Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities.

Here are some of the main activities, some in images, initiated by the R & R Collective with the support of Eco Foundation for Sustainable Alternatives (EFSA).

You can read the full report at the bottom of this page.

Pre Rio+20 Campaigns & Lobbying:
As a part of the campaign ‘Appeal on Call on Governments’ was circulated to the state actors and civil society organizations for their endorsement.

Questionnaire on popular perception on Human Responsibility:
The response to the questionnaire was overwhelming and based on this a "Reflection on Action document" is underway.

Consultation on Bio Regional Food Sovereignty:
India ranks 65th out of 79 countries on the Global Hunger Index. The grave ethical and practical implications of this abominable statistics reflect the lack of responsibility of the state and the co- responsibility of citizens. To overcome the long term effects of chronic malnourishment the R&R Collective along with others initiated a platform: ‘People’s Alliance for Bio Regional Food Sovereignty’.

Promotion of ‘Citizen’s Charter of Responsibilities towards Children’…
…in different educational institutions to inculcate the responsibility of adults in protecting children against all forms of abuse and the values of responsibility among children.

Ideological Retreat on Democratic Socialism
Democratic socialism is a platform, which provides space for political leaders and civil society members to debate and dialogue on the contemporary relevance of democratic socialism to redefine national and international politics based on socialist values of liberty, equality, fraternity and justice.

Women and sustainable Development:
The R&R Collective engaged in the promotion of gender based agriculture as part of the national policy and the state’s responsibility to promote sustainable gender based agriculture.

Formation of Flow Network- Protection and Recreation of Life:
this network is to conceptualize the flow of life and build a new humanity to reverse the damage caused by the family of humanity to the dynamic balance of the cycles of nature, which supports the creation of life and sustains and nurtures life. This process include dialogues with law experts and judiciary as well as with political experts and leaders.

Full report:

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INDIA 2012 Activities Report of the R & R Collective
Published on: 15 February 2013
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