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Youth and Responsibilities
Network facilitated by Pinky Cupino, Delphine Leroux-Astier, Lydia Nicollet

Young people are no doubt those who have the least power and the least responsibilities. And yet, they form organizations and networks, organize in their schools, etc. We will be studying their vision of responsibility and drawing its main lines. The young people (16 to 30 years old) targeted by this survey will be from several continents so we can adopt a cross-cultural analysis of these issues.

The organization Monde Pluriel works in the fields of sustainable-development and international-citizenship education and has among others set up, in partnership with Pinky Cupino, the Global Classroom Initiative project, which allows young people in France, the United States, the Philippines, and India to share their ideas and think about more sustainable lifestyles. Monde Pluriel also coordinated France and Europe’s participation at the Youth International Conference for the Environment, attended by 350 young people 12 to 15 years old from 47 countries. (Brasilia, June 2010).
Today, the “Let’s Take Care of the Planet” project is being pursued in France and in Europe. With a dozen countries, we are coordinating the project Young Europeans, Let’s Take Care of the Planet!. Its ambition is to follow up on the fantastic process started with the international conference by organizing a Conference of European Youth in 2012 then taking their contributions to the RIO+20 Summit, which will celebrate in Brazil the 20th anniversary of the Earth Summit.
Our goals are:
1. to draft an integrated global document, “Reflection on the Ethics and Responsibility Action of the Young”;
2. to seek participation in the process of youth organizations, regional or global.

Our expected outcome is to have the youth leaders and their key players draft a document, “Reflection on the Ethics and Responsibility Action of the Young.” The document will feature an analysis of experiences and a discussion on their implications, and the proposals formulated by the young for practicing responsibility, based on the Charter as reference. This document will serve as a tool for dialog to enhance the young people’s integrated constructions in the field of Ethics and Responsibilities.

More information: Reflection on Action Document: "Youth and Responsibilities"

Published on: 29 April 2011
Network contributions
Education for Global Citizenship stimulates the development of an understanding of learners to be part of a global community respecting planetary boundaries.
As citizens, global and local, and participants of the ‘Building a Global Citizens Movement Johannesburg Conference 2013’, we acknowledge our responsibility for the planet and for humanity and we take responsibility for our individual and collective actions.
  • How young people define responsibility? It is accountability, like an oath, which has to be performed to the best of one’s ability. It is a commitment that one needs to do because it is necessary. Young people say that responsibility creates a positive effect, which is to contribute to the good functioning of the human society, to make a difference and change things, to do good and right. It goes hand-in-hand with (...)

  • Teaching is a noble profession. It is service-oriented. It has the potential to have a great impact in the molding of the next generation. That is why education should be valued by social institutions like government, the church, the family and civil society ...

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