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Road map for international endorsement of a Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities

The Forum on Ethics & Responsibility has conducted an active campaign to convince governments of Member States of the UN to use the historic occasion of the Rio+20 Conference for the adoption of a road map for international endorsement by the UN General Assembly of a binding Declaration on Human Responsibilities. The Forum issued a CALL on GOVERNMENTS that was widely diffused through its networks and presented to some twenty governments. A series of articles and documents were produced for the occasion and can be found under documents.

List of contributions
  •  AFTER RIO + 20
    by Edith Sizoo, Pierre Calame (7 December 2012)
    Making Responsibility the Ethical Core of the Twenty-first Century and the Foundation of a Third Pillar for the International Community: What Strategy Should We Implement after the Failure of Rio+20? The following lines will take you back for some history on the need of a Charter of Universal Responsibilities, how this was taken to Brazil and Rio+20 and now, how to shape the After Rio+20 and promote the ethics of responsibility. Please note that this is only an extract, the Synthesis and (...)

  • Peru’s representative at the United Nations committed to make the Call on Governments and the proposal for a Charter of Universal Responsibilities known to the highest government authorities for Rio+20 …

  • After a broad consultation with partners including our team, the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation (FPH), which funds the Ethics & Responsibilities program, has drawn up a list of proposed amendments to the UN’s “Zero draft of the outcome document” of the coming UN Rio+20 Conference. Read, tell us if you agree, suggest other amendments!

  • The Charter process on the way to Rio+20 is reaching top official representatives. Here is one example in South America.

  • Our participation at the Thematic Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil (January 24 to 29, 2012), gave us a clearer view of the next steps to take for the advancement of the Charter of Universal Responsibilities. “Rio+20,” the UN Conference on climate change to be held in Rio de Janeiro in June, is the next stop to put responsibility, and more specifically co-responsibility, at the core of common ethics to be adopted for the global community. We are feeling optimistic! Join us by signing our (...)

  • Peoples everywhere are expecting governments to overcome national interests and meet the current crises with an international reference text on the obligation of responsibility. We ask individuals and organizations to support our Call to move toward a Charter of Universal Responsibilities. Read, sign, and pass it on! Help us circulate this call by clicking on the icons on the right to share it with your social (...)

  • At a preparatory meeting held in Rio de Janeiro, Isis de Palma informed of negotiations between the E&R Program and sectors of the government of Brazil for a strong integration of the concept of Responsibility in the discussions and proposals of the Rio+20 summits …

  • Former Prime Minister of France, Michel Rocard, states that although Brazil “is not a good pupil when it comes to the environment,” it will play a critical role in saving the Earth at Rio+20 in 2012. Read the interview he gave to CartaCapital on September 1, 2011 ...

  • In 1992, 11-year-old Severn Suzuki silenced the UN for five minutes. Today, she is still an environmental activist, and one of the persons who launched a pledge called "The Recognition of Responsibility" ...
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