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Rights and Responsibilities
Network facilitated by Ajit Muricken, Sudha Reddy, Madhavi Singh

For the Professional Network “Human Rights and Responsibilities,” a working team comprising the organizations listed as collaborators on the left of this page as well as the following persons is constituted to assist the Regional Representative / Professional Network Representative in carrying the two programs (Regional Representation and Professional Network Representation):

  • Dr. John Clammer, Professor of Development Sociology, Adviser to the Rector and Deputy Director of International Education at the United Nations University, Tokyo and Professorial Fellow of the UN Institute of Sustainability and Peace.
  • Dr. Ajit Muricken, Chairman, Asha Sadan, Kerala, a social activist engaged in understanding contemporary socio political issues.
  • Dr. Byra Reddy , Associate Professor and Director, AIMS center for Research, Acharya Institute of Management and Sciences (AIMS), Bangalore
  • Dr. Madhavi Singh Shah is professor of Economics, in Central Department, Tribhuvan University, in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Depending on the interest and concerns of the participants, we have adopted a two pronged strategy to carry out the programs:

  • Inter socio professional Dialog on Rights, Responsibilities and Ethics to develop Reflection on Action proposals as a mechanism for bringing the members of different professions into dialogue with each other.
  • Intra- socio professional Dialog on Rights, Responsibilities and Ethics with a focus on internalizing the principle of Responsibility towards the Human Rights domain and moving towards developing peoples’ /Professional charters to promote effective policies at the national and regional levels.

We have started participatory dialog among professionals from diverse professions, people from civil society organizations, academicians, policy makers across India and Asia to discuss collectively the broad theme of “Towards a Culture of Responsibility: A Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities” and specifically the sub-theme of Human Rights, Responsibilities and Ethics.

We invite all groups, people in all socio professional fields to liberally and meaningfully join in this movement “Towards a Culture of Responsibility: A Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities” for a just, peaceful and sustainable inter-dependent world where humans live in harmony with nature.

Published on: 5 March 2011
Network contributions
Experts on international law and responsibility will take part in a special session organized by the Forum of Ethics and Responsibilities on the topic during the World Congress of International Law, 9-11 January 2015.
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