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Association A6 apprentissage à la retraite

Café des âges - Ecole de la Paix
44530 Saint Gildas des Bois
Phone: +33 (0)2 28 54 94 76

Network facilitated by Pierre Caro

The Association A6, a nonprofit organization, manages the commitments and research activities in the area of “retirement and aging” through the formulation of life projects that are possible and can be accomplished, for a new career as a professional retiree in a new stage of life.

We reflect on the consequences of the growing numbers of human beings and their longer life expectancy in a retirement and aging situation. Our partners are public and private enterprises and agencies, the nonprofit world, civil society …

We defend general and professional capacity building so that there can be choices in work, which is the universal social bond for personal and collective development.

For those involved, we would like to mobilize their energies, the wealth of their experiences, their know-how and “being-how,” their personal and professional qualities, for peace and harmony in retirement time and aging with dignity, for all workers.

What we are expecting from you!

What we would like from you, professionals from the various activity and responsibility sectors, is information on: the conditions of your professional careers; your life projects as retirees; your ways of apprehending, grasping, and controlling your aging; what you can imagine doing to own the tools that are necessary to build peace in the world, etc.

We are interested in: health; living locations; situations in your working world and what pension rights you have; what place there is for older people; what place there is for sick or disabled people; other points that might be important for you.

Thank you all. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Published on: 3 March 2011
Network contributions
UN Human Rights Council appointed the new Independent Expert on the rights of older persons.
The "professional retirees" group is exploring the professional ethics involved in their commitments. Tell us what you think!
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