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Professional and Thematic Networks

The Forum on Ethics & Responsibilities relies on 17 international Professional and Thematic Networks. These are displayed on the left. To contact a network representative, click on the network you are interested in, on the left, or go to the list of all the representatives.

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The FER has chosen to focus on professions and thematic fields for the following reasons:

- Focusing our activities to promote ethics and responsibility on specific areas of human activity that are vital to societal life on our globe will strengthen the sense of a common purpose among those involved and the cohesion of the work slated for achievement. It will also increase its scope.

- The world of human activity is a very dominant aspect of global society and as such worth being concentrated upon, provided that it is treated as part of the broader social life of human beings and as a part that influences and is being influenced by its wider environment;

- Professionals are bound to face concrete “Responsibility” issues in the different senses of the word. They tend to already have a fairly clear idea of what this is about, which facilitates reflection, discussions, and the identification of Responsibility-related problems.

- Many professions are quite well organized and as such, are attractive targets.

- Thematic fields are also already being focused on by different groups, with which it is a good idea to form alliances.


The networks working with professionals or on a thematic field are to prepare, then to use “Reflection for Action” monographs.

- These monographs will also be efforts to promote cultures of Responsibility.

- This preliminary stage should in itself have an in-depth impact insofar as it will deepen the insight, and provide opportunities to learn from one another and become more sensitive to culturally induced differences.

- Coverage will also be increased through the participation of new collaborators in this preliminary work.

- The final documents will contain proposals on how to promote cultures of Responsibility within professional or thematic fields.

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