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Although migration has been permanent in human history, in this early twenty-first century it has unprecedented characteristics that are related with technological and communication progress and extension, the inequality and concentration of global wealth, and the growing numbers of meetings and missed meetings of a humankind that is diverse within itself but increasingly shares a community of fate.

The Migrants Professional Network of the Ethics & Responsibilities program is developing systematic efforts for collective thinking and action involving diverse migration actors: migrants, specialists, and public officials, from Europe, Africa, and Latin America. This collective thinking and action seeks to build a viable and useful focus for a new understanding and regulation of migration based on responsibilities as a contribution to a new understanding and regulation of world governance as a whole.

An accumulation of multiple and diverse activities and reflections in several networks and continents of the world is feeding our “Reflection on Action” document, which, geared according to the coordinated collective method of the program, will be an ongoing process until we present it next November. So far, we have been essentially considering the current global migratory crisis as part of the civilization crisis of the beginning of the twenty-first century, which calls for and imposes new forms of citizenship expanded to universal citizenship; a shift from an economy of concentration and inequality toward a sustainable economy based on rights; and a shift from old hegemonic and discriminatory cultural ways toward a multi- and cross-cultural world view. We are convinced that the concepts of responsibility, co-responsibility, and differential responsibilities depending on the degree of power and capacities one has, and on the particularities of each geographical and cultural zone of the planet, are key to redesigning how migration is dealt with as part of a new world governance.

For more information: Reflection on Action Document "Responsibilities and Migration"(in Spanish)

Published on: 18 May 2011
Network contributions
International meeting about responsibilities, migration and integration in South America.
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