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What kind of incentive do the members of the scientific community need to define, then to assume their responsibilities? How can there be a balance between “rights” and “responsibilities”? What are the most effective means to introduce young people to the concept of individual and collective responsibility? Is there a way to gather journalists, at the international scale, around their enormous responsibility? Does environmental education mean the same thing for someone in China and someone in Argentina?

The professional and thematic networks of the Forum Ethics and Responsibilities have been considering and drawing up methodologies around these and other questions for many long years, testing them on the field and amending them… They have now come together here to bring you on board and solicit your comments.

The 18 professional or thematic networks, made up of people, organizations, or groups with different cultural sensitivities and working jointly in the Forum Ethics and Responsibilities, also have a great ambition, which is to claim an internationally acknowledged reference text to complete the two existing “pillars” on which international life is based—the Charter of the United Nations (1945), for peace and development, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948)—with a third “pillar,” explicitly setting out the universal principles of human responsibilities, intended to serve as a basis for generating national and international law, as has been the case for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

On their way to submitting such a text to the United Nations General Assembly, the different networks will have written a monograph, “Reflection on Action,” which will be the outcome of a collective working process in their respective sectors, setting out implications and proposals for practicing responsibility in each of the sectors. These monographs will be debated at a meeting of all the networks in November 2011, which will be also the opportunity to reorient this work toward the intermediate stage which will be the “Rio+20” conference of heads of state, to be held in Brazil in mid-2012. [1]

You are invited to be part of the trip by supporting us with your ideas and your comments …

GIF Photo: Laceflower abstract, by Louise Docker

[1] On this point, read also On the Road to Rio.

Published on: 27 February 2011
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