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Network facilitated by Manola Gardez, Isis de Palma

Set up in 2004, the International Alliance of Journalists focuses on journalists’ and the media’s responsibility to society.
The organization works in various regions of the world in partnership with information professionals, researchers, and the public so as to benefit from interaction among the different players.
Its main working themes are: professional ethics in journalism, regulation of the media, the quality of information, the processes used to turn out information, etc.
It draws on its network’s common intelligence and collective power to weigh on journalistic practices, the impact of which can no longer be ignored.

Responsible journalism

The France workgroup produces a yearly publication called Panorama of ethical approaches in the press, as well as booklets in its Responsible Journalism collection. It also initiated the foundation of the French media advisory organization, Association de Préfiguration d’un Conseil de Presse en France, which has just launched the professional-ethics watch, Observatoire des pratiques déontologiques.
The alliance finances and is member of the Committee for the Assises internationales du Journalisme et de l’Information, a yearly rendezvous of the profession.

Other regions: training, democratization, ethical codes and charters, conflicts, justice, pluralism…

The Brazil workgroup concentrates its action on training, public debate, circulation of educational tools, as well as the democratization of the media through its strong involvement in national governmental conferences on Brazilian communications public policy.

The Central Asia workgroup deals as a priority with the concept of professional ethics by writing national or internal professional codes and ethics and charters for the media per country, and underscores the professional training it provides on journalistic ethics and coverage of conflicts, and on relations between the media and justice. News coverage is still the subject of training programs despite the wars and tensions.

The Europe workgroup is mainly acting in relationship with the European Commission and Parliament to conduct the European Initiative for Media Freedom and Pluralism, which will be the subject of one of the first citizen initiatives in 2012.

More information: Reflection on Action Document of the International Alliance of Journalists (in French)

Published on: 2 May 2011
Network contributions
8 January 2015
Je suis Charlie
by Manola Gardez
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