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Network facilitated by Cristina Reynals, Cesare Ottolini

On September 12, 2003, representatives of urban organizations and social movements from different regions of the world met in Madrid to discuss how to build a common front against the perverse consequences of the exclusion, poverty, environmental deterioration, exploitation, violence, and the problems in transportation, in public services, in housing, in stability, and in urban governance brought about by neoliberal globalization.

The IAI Charter of Founding Principles highlights the importance of reinforcing the voice of the voiceless, and the local level in the global context as a strategic tool to build and to strengthen the links of an indispensable solidarity to protect the rights of inhabitants to be builders and users of cities.

For these reasons, the IAI has promoted the World Assembly of Inhabitants, the development of which will be the constitution of a world federation of urban organizations and social movements. (Further information on the IAI Web site.)


  • To stimulate self-esteem, cultural identity, and the ethical values of the population in view of a collective project for change.
  • To develop the capacity to connect specific problems with their originating causes and with the consequences that they produce, in order to present solution alternatives that are viable from a practical point of view, but radical in the sense of getting to the root of the problems and of the solutions.


At the moment, the IAI is a world network of organizations based on inhabitants and territorial social movements, communities, tenants, home owners, homeless persons, neighborhoods, cooperatives, indigenous peoples, and working-class neighborhoods from all of the continents.

It is a cross-cultural, inclusive, autonomous, independent, self-managed, and solidarity movement open to coordination with other sister organizations pursuing them same goals.

Published on: 2 May 2011
Network contributions
The 2013 WAI Declaration summarizes the necessary steps towards an open and democratic process, and involved organizations and networks from across the world throughout 2012, particularly during the People’s Summit in Rio, the Urban Social Forum in Naples, and Africities in Dakar, culminating in the thematic workshops and the General assembly in (...)
The Network on Inhabitants has put the spotlight on concrete experiences that renew the commitment of Ethics and Responsibility in its work on behalf of the most vulnerable. Here we share with you the story of an organization that fought so that 30’000 families could keep their homes making responsible the State for the irresponsibility of the (...)
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