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Network facilitated by Nadia Gianoli, Christoph Stueckelberger

Globethics.net is a worldwide ethics network

- a network of persons and institutions interested in various fields of applied ethics

- a platform of discussion and information sharing

- a platform for collaborative research on ethics

The aim of Globethics.net is to ensure that people in all regions of the world are empowered to reflect and act on ethical issues. In order to ensure access to knowledge resources in applied ethics, Globethics.net has developed its Globethics.net Digital Library on Ethics, the leading global digital library on ethics. Globethics.net took this initiative to ensure that persons - especially in Africa, Asia and Latin-America - have access to good quality and up to date knowledge resources.

There is no cost involved in using the library. Individuals only need to register (free of charge) as participants on the Globethics.net website (www.globethics.net) to get access to all the full text journals, encyclopedias, e-books and other resources in the library.

In addition to the library, Globethics.net also offers participants on its website the opportunity to join or form electronic working groups for purposes of networking or collaborative research.

The international secretariat coordinates research projects on the follow topics:

Business ethics
Interreligious Ethics
Responsible Leadership
Information Ethics
The Global Ethics Forum conference

The fruitful collaboration with the Forum of Ethics & Responsibilities led to:

a collection of case studies on professional ethics dilemmas related to different economics fields but especially regarding the responsibility of managers. The collection contains 130 case studies.

Globethics.net built and maintains a global mapping of actors involved in ethics and responsibility. The database results were presented the first time at the Bergerie Seminar “Ethics and Responsibility” in November 2011. The Directory of Ethics and Responsibility is a unique online database of actors, namely institutions and organizations, involved in ethics and responsibility. It is available online, for free and you can search by subject, by geographical location and sector of activity.

Through the Globethics.net Newslettershared each month with more that 90’000 people and institutions, Globethics.net informs and supports the activities and efforts of the Forum of Ethics and Responsibilities.

To follow in 2014:
1) Globethics.net took part in the elaboration of the Code of Ethics for Librarians and Other Information Workers with the International Federation of Library Associations(IFLA) in 2012. Although the international Code has now been launched and accepted as an official policy of IFLA, the FAIFE Committee considers that the work should continue, because a code of ethics must be a living document and because ways have to be found to implement ethics and ethical reflection more deeply in the day-to-day work in libraries and archives. This is the intention behind the Conference on " Ethical Dilemmas in the Information Society: How Codes of Ethics Help to Find Ethically Based Solutions" being organised from 14-15 August 2014 in Geneva/Switzerland.

2) Globethics.net published in May 2013 the position paper "Ethics in the Information Society, The Nine P’s. A discussion paper for the WSIS+10 Process 2013 until 2015". It is a contribution to The World Summit on the Information Society 2015. You are invited to send your comments on the 30 pages text so that we can include them in the revised version planned for the next months. Read more...

3) Globethics.net is preparing a new collection in 2014 that will include codes of conduct for different professions. Stay tuned for more information in the upcoming months.

Published on: 4 February 2014
Network contributions
On the 14th and 15th of August, a meeting was held near Geneva, Switzerland, on Ethical Dilemmas in the Information Society : How Codes of Ethics Help to Find Ethical Solution.
Launch of a global consultation on the Globethics.net draft ‘Declaration on Principles of Equality and Inequality for a Sustainable Economy’ that was discussed at the Global Ethics Forum 2014, in Bangalore India. Send your comments before the 30 September 2014.
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