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Environmental Education
Network facilitated by Yolanda Ziaka

The International Network in Environmental Education-Polisis a nonprofit organization based in Greece and coordinated by Yolanda Ziaka. Since its institution in 1996, Polis has organized many projects including training, research, and action in Environmental Education, in collaboration with partners from all over the world. Polis has taken part in the work of the Charter of Human Responsibilities since 2004 and is currently facilitating the thematic network on Environmental Education of the Ethics and Responsibilities program.

Polis’s action is based on the fact that environmental education is addressed to all, from young children to the general population, including professional groups whose activity affects the environment. It is exercised through a large diversity of actors and in various places: in school, within organizations, in the street, through the media, through the discourse of political figures. Environmental-education “professionals’ come from a variety of sectors: they are teachers at all levels, facilitators, and sociocultural and environmental activists, journalists and other mediators, and professionals from a variety of disciplinary fields whose job is to popularize environmental facts among the general population.

Starting from these findings, for the purpose of the Ethics and Responsibilities program, Polis set up a network of educators from all these sectors in about ten countries, in all the continents: university professors, journalists, researchers in industrial ecology, activists in adult-education and environmental-education organizations, government officials, and a European member of parliament. These persons, who have rich and diverse experiences, can contribute to a critical approach of the present state of how and to what extent responsibilities have been assumed in this key sector aiming to promote thinking on rules for managing our common home, the planet.

For more information: Reflection on Action Document "Environmental Education" (in French)

You can download here the Polis presentation leaflet:

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Polis presentation (Nov2012) - EN
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Polis presentation (Nov2012) - Greek
Published on: 4 November 2010
Network contributions
As the UN Climate Conference to be held in Paris in late November 2015 approaches (’21st Conference of the Parties’ - ’COP21’), it is high time to talk about environmental education.
"Against the background of serious global challenges to democracy, human rights and social cohesion, civil society has a major responsibility to act"
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