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E&R Program

This section provides information on the Ethics & Responsibilities program as a whole...

If you wish to know the full details of the program, please read Ethics & Responsibilities Program: Presentation.

Published on: 14 December 2011
List of contributions
  • The Alliance for Responsible and Sustainable Societies was created in April 2015 under the initiative of the membres of the Forum of Ethics and Responsibilities.

  • The Forum of Ethics and Responsibilities (FER), held a meeting from 19 to 23 October 2014. The event gathered more than twenty representatives of the FER with discussions focused on the assessment of the concept of responsibility today in different socio-professional contexts.

  • The Way Forward after Rio+20 is a reference working paper for the International Forum on Ethics & Responsibility as it lays down the strategy and the commitments of each partner to work on ethics and responsibility with the experience gained in the past 10 years. Guidelines are structured along the following 3 themes: Strengthening and expanding the geographic and professional i-FER constituencies; Follow-up of the RIO+20 Conference; Starting a process of reflexion on turning the (...)

  • We came from the Americas, the Pacific, Asia, and Europe, overcame jetlag, and jumped enthusiastically into the work that lay ahead of us for three days, which was to answer the questions: How can we overcome, in our specific fields, the obstacles to disseminating a culture of responsibility? How can we coordinate our actions to convince the international community to adopt a Charter of Universal (...)

  • At the start of the E&R Program in 2010, a number of goals were set. The program representatives have since accomplished in-depth research for their sector, and previous to the finalization of their respective “Reflection on Action” document, the E&R Program Officer for the FPH, Nicolas Krausz, analyzed the work done so far to identify the strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats involved in the promotion of cultures of Responsibility. Do not miss reading this interesting (...)
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