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This section comprises all the documents available on the FER Web site.

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This section comprises all the documents available on the FE&R website.

There are three document categories:

1. FE&R Books and articles
These include references to books and articles produced by members of the FE&R pertaining to the issue of Ethics and Repsonsibility.

2. FE&R Working Documents
These include documents that highlight activities of the FE&R and its members, analyses of results, and working papers.

3. International Reference Documents
These are international reference documents such as the Charter of the United Nations and the Declaration of Human Rights, the Earth Charter as well as other documents of organisations whose goals converge with our own.

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Published on: 9 March 2011
Most recent documents
  • The Manifest Lima to Paris is a contribution of the South American group, member of the Alliance for Responsible and Sustainable Societies. The document will be submitted to the organizing committee of the COP21. Sign and endorse the Manifest!

  • This document is a preliminary draft of the Manifesto Lima to Paris that was presented at the meeting “What responsibility the world needs to face climate change? For a new environmental governance”, which took place in the Andean Community in Lima, Peru, on December 11, 2014, during the People’s Summit, a civil society event parallel to COP20.

    by Pierre Calame (1 December 2014)
    What responsibility the world needs to face climate change and move towards a new environmental governance? The "Manifesto of Lima" written by Pierre Calame, reflects the collective thinking of FER in these critical and pressing issues in today’s world.

  • This survey measures Africans’ perceptions of Chinese business in their countries. Such a survey is long overdue. Fifteen African countries with a large presence of Chinese companies were identified to participate in the survey. In total, 1,056 Africans completed an online questionnaire. The results indicate that Africans are happy with Chinese investment in that it contributes to development. They are, however, concerned about its economic, workplace, social and environmental (...)

  • La Bergerie de Villarceaux hosted the "International Meeting of the Forum of Ethics & Responsibilities." For three days, a group of roughly twenty participants from the Americas, Asia, and Europe got together to discuss the questions of ethics and responsibility that are raised by the current economic, social, and environmental crises.

  • This book brings together eleven contributions by authors from all parts of the world who have examined the concept of responsibility in their respective countries.

  • What is a good framework to consider the status, content and potential impact of an international reference text on Universal Responsibilities? Do we even need one? What about the existing international charters? Explore these questions and more, and view responsibility through different cultural glasses...

  • International life is currently underpinned by two agreements: the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which focuses on the dignity and entitlements of people as individuals, and on the defense of their rights, and the Charter of the United Nations, which focuses on peace and development. Although these two agreements have been the framework for undeniable progress in the organization of international relations, the past fifty years have seen radical global (...)

  • From June 5 to 10, 2010, more than 400 adolescents and children from 53 countries met in Brasilia for an international conference, “Let’s Take Care of the Planet.” The conference ended with the drafting and adoption of the “Charter of Responsibilities - Let’s Take Care of the Planet” and its presentation to the different official representatives who were there, including Brazil’s Minister of Education and the chairman of the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation for the Progress of (...)

  • This working paper clarifies what is expected of the members of the International Facilitation Committee of the Ethics & Responsibilities program.

  •  Charter of the United Nations (13 December 2010)
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