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The Initiative internationale pour la REsponsabilité Sociale des CAdres (IRESCA)Web site was launched in 2005 in the wake of the signing of the Manifesto on the social responsibility of Professionals & Managers (FPH, CFDT cadres, UGICT-CGT, CJD, CJDES, ISF, École de Paris du Management).


The initial goal was for managers to share their ideas as they faced their responsibilities. Since then, IRESCA has become involved in targeted initiatives such as the legal protection of whistleblowers in the professional world.

This Web site should also become an information media on issues to with broader implications.

Other lines of action: training in sustainable development, in connection with the Conférence des grandes écoles and the CPU; work on the levers of Corporate Social Responsiblity (CSR) (ongoing contacts with the Observatoire Social International (international social watch).


A partnership with FORMITEL (a company specialized in setting up interactive questionnaires) made it possible to launch an interactive questionnaire directed at managers who can also leave their contact details. The following model illustrating this cooperation is at (click on the link to enlarge the image):

The initial Web site was redesigned to be more compatible with COREDEM. The new site presents texts with bilingual abstracts, a very large number of texts are fully translated, and keywords are also bilingual. The sections have been categorized as follows: Freedom of Speech, Responsibility and Professional Ethics, Whistleblowing, Right of Withdrawal, and Right of Refusal, Ethics. It continues to offer access to the online questionnaire, and there is also a Testimonies section. Feel free to respond to the questionnaire and to submit testimonies!

International Scope

IRESCA, a forum for discussing different points of view, is closely connected with unions in Africa, Latin America, Europe (Eurocadres), with Union Network International, the recent convention of which, in Tokyo, placed the protection of whistleblowers, for which IRESCA is recognized as an active driving force, among its priorities.

For more information: Reflection on Action Document: “Responsibility of Managers” (in French)

Published on: 5 March 2011
Network contributions
There are two opposite currents in the area of whistleblowing: one upholding the full application of the accountability principle, the other seeking protection against accusations without grounds. IRESCA proposes to untangle this issue, more complicated than it appears to be …
In a globalized economy, our acts can have consequences internationally, and there is no national legislation, no matter how perfect, to cover them. Hence the need of a protected whistleblowing right on an international scale …
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