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Community Pacts
Network facilitated by Diego Escobar

Community Pacts and Community Intervention

The Community Pacts network is working jointly with the Community Organizers network. The idea is to combine joint actions among various regional representatives who are committed to making a clear statement regarding their possibilities, actions, and proposals in reference to a PREVIOUSLY set agenda of problems identified by social actors living and working in a region in which they consider it necessary to improve the quality of life and the social practices built over history.

When wishing to establish a viable Community Pact to improve capacities and actions in a region, the following needs to be kept in mind:

  • Managing a territory is the responsibility of all those who live in it but also the co-responsibility of the people, bodies, communities, governments, and companies that want to enjoy, to protect, to build, to defend, to project, and to guarantee the self-sustainability of its natural and human resources, and of its material and immaterial wealth.
  • Local development should be based on the recognition of the different people living within a territory and above all, on respect of others and of their differences.
  • There has to be recognition of plurality and of the goal of achieving well-being for the community in peace building.
  • It is fundamental and urgent to exercise participatory and proactive citizenship in consensus-building, planning, and the management of family and community well-being.
  • Representatives elected to govern need to practice political and ethical responsibility.
  • Follow-up and social oversight of public management of and the living conditions of the population need to be facilitated.

Without forgetting that the fundamental purposes should be designed to:

  1. generate and favor, within the community, training and information actions that will facilitate and promote effective participation in decisions regarding well-being in view of contributing to the improvement of the population’s living conditions.
  2. back and strengthen social organizations as a possibility to motivate and consolidate citizens’ participation in the existing decision-making bodies;
  3. build trust and transparency in ongoing community processes and those projected for the future.
Published on: 11 May 2011
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